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Environmental activists gathered from fifteen States


We had a dynamic and exceptionally informative

Summit in Chattanooga June 28-30, 2012,

addressing nuclear issues in the South.

Thanks to all who participated!

Special thanks are extended

our exceptionally well-informed

presenters who inspired us

throughout the Summit.

Some of the Presenters

have graciously provided

their Powerpoint files

and notes for our study.

(See the PRESENTATIONS page.)

S. David Freeman, the infamous 'Green Cowboy',

and brilliantly effective efficiency champion

in both government and industry,

was there to raise our standards

for communicating with one another

and especially with the public at large.

He generously gave of his knowledge and experience

in panel discussions and also

made himself available to one and all

for questions and discussions.

We were fortunate indeed

to have him there

to help steer us towards

breakthrough communications via

awareness of the perspectives of industry individuals

and through plain-spoken talk with the public.

"Don't call it spent fuel,

call it Radioactive Trash

– garbage that has been piling up

in our backyards for 30 years,

with no trash man coming to pick it up.

This is something we can all understand."

~ S. David Freeman, author of

Winning Our Energy Independence:

An Insider Shows How

David Freeman also reminded us

of his work as Chairman of TVA in the late 1970s

when he persuaded TVA

to stop construction

of several nuclear power plants

and instead implemented a highly successful

Energy Efficiency Program

which sent out 300 Energy Doctors

who made house calls

– where nearly 500,000 valley rate-payers

signed only one piece of paper

and TVA became responsible

for making their homes energy efficient

– saving on their electric bills

and saving the whole valley

on electric capacity needs and costs.

Freeman challenged us to find a way

to reinstate that successful and

most cost-efficient program.

He suggested we persuade the public,

the business community,

industrial consumers,

and the utilities

that these programs are

in reality

Efficiency Power Plants

built for a fraction of the cost of nuclear.

Dave Lochbaum, Director, Nuclear Safety Project,

Union of Concerned Scientists,

kept our perspective light

– no matter how heavy the facts.

From his spent fuel magic tricks

reminding us that

coolant, containment, AC and DC power protections

(which are absolutely necessary

for nuclear power plant safety)

are currently provided by

safety IOUs and rabbits feet;

to his revealing the NRC's insistence that

high level irradiated waste fuel in

Boiling Water Reactor (BWR)

spent fuel pools simply


'The Invisible Man'

and disappears

from safety studies

for a nuclear accident

– Lochbaum kept us laughing

and engaged, with his wit

and indelible images.

Don't forget to refresh your memory,

and see notes and powerpoint slides

from the workshops you missed,

on the Presentations page.


David Matos summarizes the whole event

in exquisite detail

on the Nuclear Free Planet site at


There are also some

delightful photographs

and a nice review

by Clare Hanrahan and Coleman Smith

on the Action South site at


Southern Energy Network's,

Florida representative, Jacquie Ayala,

was one of the younger folks

who attended the Summit,

and has also written

a good review, posted at


And the Peace Education Center

has graciously posted

bunches of photos



Pam Sohn's Preview

Chattanooga Times Free Press

June 18, 2012


Cole Rose's Preview

The Chattanooga Pulse

June 28, 2012


Chattanooga Times Free Press

Review of our opening night's

Dave & Dave Show

June 29, 2012


Post-SUMMIT gathering by the river


Tom Clements ~ David Close ~ Glenn Carroll

Mary Olson ~ Diane D'arrigo ~ Don Safer

Kathleen Ferris ~ Hunter Austin ~ Charles Utley

Bobbie Paul ~ Courtney Hanson ~ Mandy Hancock

Coleman Smith ~ Clare Hanrahan ~ Hope Taylor

Dr. Yomi Noibi ~ Ron Lamb ~ Rita Harris

Ned Ryan Doyle ~ Ralph Hutchison

Sara Barczak ~ Paul Gunter

S. David Freeman ~ David Lochbaum


Reactors New & Used ~ Low and High-Level Waste

MOX/Plutonium ~ Tritium & Weapons Waste

Environmental Justice/Communities ~ Economy of Nuclear

Whistleblowers 101 ~ Water & Environment ~ Uranium Dumps

Sustainable Energy Solutions

"Until we know how to safely dispose of the radioactive

materials generated by nuclear plants,

we should postpone these activities

so as not to cause further harm to future generations.

To do otherwise is simply an immoral act,

and that is my belief, both as a scientist

and as a survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bombing."

– Dr Shoji Sawada


Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Bellefonte Efficiency & Sustainability Team

Mothers Against Tennessee River Radiation

Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Tennessee Environmental Council

Nuclear Watch South

Citizens to ENDIT

Georgia WAND

Mountain Justice

We the People, Inc.

Southern Energy Network

SAFE Carolinas

Sierra Club Nuclear Free Campaign

South Carolina Sierra Club

Tennessee Sierra Club

New South Network


Collective Progression

Nashville Peace and Justice Center

World Constitution and Parliament Association

Tennessee Interfaith Power & Light

Green Interfaith Network, Inc.

Beyond Nuclear


Summit Hosted by BEST/MATRR

MATRR.org – Because It Matters

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